Moving around icons


Since 5.2 FW, it is possible to move the icons on the main screen. Except the icons of the top row (Movies, TV Shows, Music, etc). And the Media Player icon of  aTV Flash (black) is now on the second row, which means that the posters of recently watched movies cannot be displayed anymore in the upper part of the screen. Is it possible to change this ? I would like to move the Medias icon to the top row, so that I can see the recently watched movie posters… 


The easiest way to make this permanent is to get rid of the Music Match icon, then it’ll automatically be on the top row.  I never use Match, so I did this and it worked just fine. 

Thanks for the reply, that’s what I did but I’d prefer moving the Music icon in the lower row than hiding it.


That’s the only way I made it permenant since I’ve noticed as soon as you leave and come back the icons move right back to where they were… Oh we’ll.


How exactly do we get rid of it?

When you turn on Parental Control, this gives you the ability to HIDE icons such as Match, MLB, etc. do that and Media immediately moves to top row without having to use the remote too be icons. Cuz no matter how many times I move stuff, the just move back.