Movies with wrong cover or no cover at all - how to sync them without any meta data?

I have a lot of movies in my library folder (router HDD) that do not have any meta data. But the movies have right name in the title, like


How can I make INFUSE PRO sync the title instead of sync the meta data?

Rename your file to “Alice.Through.the.Looking.Glass.mkv”

Is that the only solution?
Renaming all my 500 movies?

How can I stop Infuse for not showing the same cover on many movies. Seems like Infuse do it just randomly.

Hold select button for 2 seconds and then select “edit metadata”, then you can search for cover art.

I’ve found that after the year the only thing Infuse likes is the resolution, then after that you can have anything you like.

For example; Alice.Through.the.Looking.Glass.2016.720p.SWESUB.WEB-DL.mkv would be fine. So it’s that or just remove SWESUB from the name.