Movies with multi parts watched time carried to all parts

Has anyone that has any movies that have multiple parts (Part1, Part2 and so on) noticed that if you watch one part the time you watch carries over to all parts? Example: you watch part1 of the movie and you finish part1 then all other parts register as watched even if you have not watched part2 or part3 or so on.

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Infuse currently does not support multipart movies or videos.

You can add your support to this thread to add this feature.

How then should you format the titles so that you can understand what has been viewed and what has not? Not only parts of the film, but also different versions of the film (director’s, theatrical)? How can I make sure that after viewing one version, the other is not marked as viewed?

What movies are you referencing? What versions? I’d suggest you use a custom nfo file to start with.

For example, there is an original version of the film in black and white and colorized. I’m using {edition-…} tags. After viewing one of the versions, Infuse marks that both have been viewed. How to avoid this? The same problem with parts of the film with tags pt1, pt2: I watched one part, Infuse marked that I watched everything. I understand that at the moment there is no support for such tags and it is not expected in the next updates. How to solve this problem?

What film?

I have been told in the past that infuse does support multiple parts and it does work.
This is what i have been given by support.
You can try something like this.
Inception (2010) part1.mkv
Inception (2010) part2.mkv
Inception (2010) part3.mkv
*Note there is no space between 'part' and the number. This is intentional as there are a number of movies that include 'Part 1' as part of the actual title. *[**](

What is the point of this if, after watching the first part in Infuse, it will be marked that all three have been viewed?

For now, the solution is to not add metadata and look in the Other section. Each file will be individual and independent of other parts.

Who told you this? Does it work as you want it to?

Or you can use an nfo file as I said above and have all of the metadata and artwork along with independant watch status.

Yes, I’ve noticed this.

For example, I have all three versions of Close Encounters (Theatrical, Special Edition and Director’s Cuts). Watching one in full would result in marking all three as watched, or the saved location when part-watching would be marked the same for all three.

Considering the {edition} tag is designed for this type of multi-version title, the way Infuse deals with them doesn’t seem ideal.

Whether or not Infuse has always done it this way, I’m not sure, but I’ve only noticed it recently.

This is expected as the entry is tied to the matched title on TMDB and not an individual cut or version.

I understand there are some uses cases where it may be desirable to track these separately, but this is currently not possible.

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Thank you very much for looking into this.
For me the different versions is more understandable and less confusing. It’s the movies I have that are broken in several parts that are the concern but it’s not a lot.

Thank you again

Stuart Bertoluzzi  “史博”

The ‘parts’ feature is something we hope to improve for the future. The ‘Smart Groups’ feature adds phase 1 of this by grouping the parts together under a single item, and we hope to expand support for this in a future release.

You can follow this thread for updates.