Movies twice in the mediathek (media library)

I use a Nas for my movies.
I copied a film from hard disk A to disk B and then deleted the film on disk A. Infuse scanned again, but now has both films in it, the new one on disk B and the old one on disk A. How can I now delete the old entries?

Did you use the “Scan for changes” button on the Library settings page?

What kind of NAS?

Are both disks in the same NAS?

Is your NAS set up as JBOD or is it set for a raid configuration?

I try the scan of changes button - but nothing changed
I use an Synology NAS 1817+
The HDD are all in the same NAS
No the HDD are set up as basic.

So is it just a group of hard drives or is it set as a RAID? If a RAID what level?

I believe that some NAS devices have a “waste bin” and don’t actually delete the files for a while so it may still be on that drive where Infuse can see it. Check and see if there is a waste bin directory.