Movies & TV shows disappear after running XBMC for the first time

I’ve just wiped (for the 3rd time) my ATV2 with Seasonpass 4.4.4 firmware, everything looks great. Then installed NitoTV, then Overflow, restarted ATV2, killall AppleTV etc, all worked fine. 

Then install XBMC Eden Beta1, using standard instructions, all look great. Most specifically my Apple TV’s Movies and TV section populate fine with Movies and TV programmes.

Then I invoke XBMC and then add some files. Then cleanly shutdown XBMC back to AppleTV, it works fine.

However if I then go into my Movies or TV section on ATV menu’s, the white LED flashes and then it exists back to the main menu - but I can’t see any movies etc.

Is this just me or is anyone else seeing XBMC first run from preventing movies and TV programmes from being rented?


I got symptoms like that when I used Overflow to hide the Internet menu. Unhiding it fixed the issue for me. It might be worth seeing if Unhiding everything in Overflow brings things back to life. If it does then you can experiment with which one is the problem.

You are right! Thanks. It seems that if you hide via Overflow the ‘Computers’, its fine and XBMC, TV Shows, Movies all work as an unbroken ATV2. 

The moment you hide via Overflow the ‘Internet’ menu item, you cannot access the TV Shows or Movies.

Its almost as if Apple have checked to see what is in the menu to disable functionality if it finds a hacked ATV.

The question is why does hiding Internet menu affect the renting menus and Computers does not? Strange but thanks anyway!