Movies stutter


When I try to watch a movie with a , by seasonpass jailbreaked, apple tv 2 with XBMC the HD movies are stuttering. Properly because the apple tv2 isn’t able to decode these movies.

When using the aTV flash apps for movies, will I be able to watch these movies without stuttering? I’d like to know before I’ll buy the software.


I suspect it is going to be impossible to give you a definitive answer as stuttering can be caused by a number of factors including both the video format details and the speed of your link to the ATV2 (wired being better than WiFi).   It can also simply be that the DVD material is in too high a resolution for the ATV2 to handle properly so that one is limited by the CPU power of the ATV2.

Both XBMC and Media Player have been steadily improving their performance over the last few months so it is possible that even if you are currently getting stuttering that the issue may end up being resolved in either/both products.

I prefer to use Media Player to XBMC as I find it’s menu structure much simpler to use and more akin to the style of the ATV2 built-in menus.