Movies Stops playing at specific places ATV2

Please! How can i stop this?

I use the latest fireCore version in my ATV2

I have a Lacie NAS 1TB connected via cable (lacie-airport express-atv2)

Most the times its flawless.

But lately, some movies (all the movies that are doing this is .mkv in my case, do not know if its conclusive) just stop.

They stop att specific places (times) and sends me back to the Grid with all my movies. 

When I click the movieposter and klick play again, it does not present the alternative to “resume”.


Is this a known problem? 

What can i do about it?


I am experiencing exactly the same behavior since a couple of weeks. Not all movies but specific ones, always mkv and always at the same place. The workaround that I am using is to skip to a point after the movie stops but any help to get this resolved is much appreciated!

To confirm I’ve got exactly the same problem since the upgrade to latest version.

I was initially impressed with how stable it seemed, no buffering issues and no errors about not seeing my NAS. But I’m experiencing stoppages with media player and I don’t get the resume option to continue where the film stopped, very frustrating…

Do we have to submit a report?