Movies startup loading very slow

I have now decided to just use Windows 10 OS for my movie server. My movies and tv shows are shared over LAN via SMB. I get a very good transfer rate when I need to move files. But for an unknown reason, when I start to play a movie using Infuse (which we do every night) it can take several seconds with that loading icon before it starts playing. After we watch the nightly movie, when then watch 1 episode of one of our tv series. When we go from the movie to the tv series, it can take up to 20 seconds, possibly longer before it starts playing a tv show.

Here is some specs

Ryzen 5 5600G CPU
Gigabyte B550 motherboard
2 x 10 TB Seagate Ironwolf Pro NAS drives running 2 way mirror.

You may want to switch the share from SMB Auto to SMB 2 or Legacy. The security overhead in SMB 3 may be causing lags.

The long delay between may be the disks spinning down while the movie plays and then they have to spin back up before the TV show can play.

One way to cure this is to set the streaming cache in Infuse from Auto to Legacy. That stops Infuse from caching the entire movie and will keep the disks awake so you don’t have to spin things back up.

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Thank you for your quick reply. I applied all those fixes, just to be safe. I set infuse to Streaming Cache to legacy and I didn’t know how to edit the SMB share settings inside windows, apart from turning the feature on, so I just used the powershell command to enable SMB v2 and to set it as the primary option to use. I then tried to load a movie, it took only a second to start playing. I then went into tv shows and again, just a second to start. Thanks a ton again for your wonderful help.

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It appears the problem still persists. It loaded so fast after I applied the settings, but now after a couple of hours, it’s slow again. How do I manually adjust the SMB settings in windows 10?

Sorry, “I don’t do windows…” LOL

But, it’s easy to change what Infuse uses so you shouldn’t have to change anything in windows.

If you go to the Settings > Shares > Saved Shares > Select the one that you are having issues with > Edit Share > Advanced > SMB Version

By default it should be set on “Auto” you can change it to “3”, “2”, “1”, or “Legacy”.

Just be aware that using “3” adds additional security checks and may cause less than optimal playback.

If you are experiencing playback issues try change to “2” and test, if your problem is still there, try “Legacy”.

I didn’t realise those additional settings were there. I applied SMB 2, it still persists. I then tried legacy. It still persists. For some reason it has no problem loading the movies. It only takes a second. But the moment I switch to tv series, then I get the loading delay. They are in seperate folders added as favourites separately. I’m wondering if I just use the main share as a favourite and then try loading a tv series. Not sure if it will help, but I’ll test it out.

Any chance you have two shares with movies on one and TV shows on the other?

Are you TV shows a different format than your Movies?

Is this by any chance an Apple TV and not an Apple TV 4K?

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I checked the Properties of the folders in Windows, the only thing that was different was on TV Shows, it was optimised for General Items, instead of movies, so I changed that. That has had no impact on the TV Shows load time. The good thing is, once the 1st TV show has been loaded, it’s fast going from one tv show to the next. I have my Share setup as Storage, then there is a sub folder for Movies, then another sub folder for TV Shows. I originally had both the Movies and TV Shows folders set as Favourites. The moment I removed them from Favourites and listed Storage as the favourite, playing a Movie and a TV Show was fast. So it appears that there was a problem having those 2 folders as favourites. I will let you know how it is going after a couple of days. Hopefully that’s solved it.

Thanks for sticking with it :+1: lots of users forget that the server has a ton of variables that can impact performance as well as options in Infuse.

You can also go to the Library and select Movies > All Movies and long press that to add it as a favorite and the same with TV shows in the library.

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This one is definitely a 4K. My movies are a various formats.

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I thought that I would try to add TV Shows from the library menu as you suggested. The moment I did that and went to play one, that loading began. I instantly removed it, then began playing and it loaded in an instant. I do not know why, but clearly Infuse really does not like it listed as Favourite. But that’s not a problem, it still adds my tv shows in the tv shows section. It appears to be working great now, so I have no need to worry about further tinkering. I should know in a day or 2. Thanks again for your help.

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