Movies showing 2 copies in different places

I had finally got all of my collections set up and organized, but now I’m seeing titles that should be in collections popping up in Feature Films. A LOT of them! I started putting them back in their collections only to realize that there was already a copy in there! Both copies show the same file name, so it isn’t like I changed the file name and it kept one version in the collection (I have done that before). One copy will fail to play, but it isn’t fun going through one by one to figure out which is the corrupt one. Not sure what is going on. The only thing I can think of is that I use Infuse on my AppleTV, but usually organize on my Mac. Both are work intensive, but the Mac a little bit less so. I really don’t want to have to organize them again, and I really don’t want this problem happening again.

How are you connected to your server? SMB, UPnP, FTP, Plex, Jellyfin, Direct mode, Library etc?

Connected to my NAS via SMB.

What do you have for your settings in “Collections & Groups”?

Group movies - on
Group tv - off
Tmbd - off
Custom - on
Details - off
Smart - on
Version - auto

I’m not sure why it would matter though. I don’t think any setting would cause phantom duplicates of movies to appear suddenly. It seems more like a bug. I appreciate your help though.

If you are referencing “Feature Films” under the Library heading all of your movies contained in the shares you have selected for your library will always show there regardless of their inclusion in a collection or even multiple collections. When you create a custom collection it doesn’t actually move the video from the library, it only creates a group of for lack of a better term “aliases” for the movies you want in that new custom collection.

If you created a custom collection of let’s say 5 movies and then went back to the feature films they should also still show there.

Are you creating your collections using the long press on a movie when browsing the favorite or library and selecting “collection” or are you actually using the Mac finder and grouping movies into a new separate directory?

Are you seeing the doubles in the custom collection, the library, or in the favorite of the share?

I know it’s a lot of questions but with so many variables different users will approach things differently an I’m just trying to understand what approach you have taken. :wink:

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This is not the case. It has been working properly before in Feature Films. It collects the movies but does not show them separately.

The first one. I have been creating collections in Infuse. Normally I right click on a title and click on “Collections”. Then I check the box next to the correct one. Or sometimes I use the “Select” feature and add a bunch of titles to a collection at once.

The titles that had been added to collections seem to have become corrupt. They error when I try to play them. But the new versions that are not in the collection play just fine. It’s as though the metadata in infuse became corrupt and then it found the file again and added it as a new title.

Thanks for your help! Do you know if it’s possible to create collections by using custom .nfo files? If so I might do that for reliability.

I turned off custom collections. This got rid of most of the duplicates and then I cleaned up the rest by removing them from playlists. I had 50+ custom collections. Not happy.