Movies/series are missing in the library


I have been using since version 6 and I am very satisfied. And now I bought version 7.
The problem is that all movies are not present in the library, some movies are missing bsp newly inserted movies. In old version 6 all movies are there in the library. What am I doing wrong, or have I set wrong?

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About how many movies are we talking about? Do the ones missing in the library show up in the “Others” category?

Also could you provide the file names of a few that are missing?

Apparently all the movies are back now. What a coincidence. I have not done anything else or changed anything. It works properly again.

As I said the movies are stored on hard drive and is connected to the router. Has not helped unfortunately also with new installation. Strangely, with version 6 are all movies available. There are about 40 movies in the library, 5 of them could not be displayed. The file types are avi, mkv, mp4. Folder structure/structure has always remained the same and unchanged. AppleTV 4K and app are always up to date.

But thanks anyway for feedback :wink:

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My guess is that with the major version change it took a while to rebuild the library with all the new features. Glad all is working now.

By the way I have tried several times to update library. This has been going on for several weeks.
But now it works again.

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