Movies scanning?

I have +3000 movies mapped to infuse movies section.
If I leave from movies folder and come back. Infuse scan them again from beginning.
It takes ages!

I need advise, what I do wrong?

Yes same problem, if you launch the app the first time and go into the favorites “movies” it takes thirty seconds to scan my 100 movies. That’s too long imo.
If you go back up where you can choose the favorites and than enter again (without quitting the app) it takes only three seconds, which is acceptable.
So I would like some caching or something on the first preview and than process the update of the view in the background.
True, new movies would not show up immediately because of the caching, but we could balance this with adding the option to view “recently added” on the Apple TV home screen (where the Recently viewed now is).

Fetching is getting WAAY faster in 4.0.1.

Awesome thanks James !