Movies or TV

How does Infuse decide whether an item is a movie or a TV show? I have files in a path like TV Shows/Name Of Show/S00E97 something.mkv that are getting filed under Movies with nonsensical/random metadata. I would love to correct this situation.

As a general rule of thumb, for TV shows it looks for a file name with the show name followed by the season/episode info like “Game Of Thrones S01E01.mkv”. Instead of S00E97 something.mkv I’d recommend doing “Name Of Show S00E97 something.mkv”.
Using a file structure of TV Shows > Name of Show > Season 01 > Name Of Show S01E01.mkv works most often.
TV Show File Structure Example

For movies it looks for a file name of the title and having the year right after the title will greatly decrease the frustration factor on some movies. Naming your movies like “The Great Escape 1963.mkv” will find the correct info a vast majority of the time.

These two formats will work most often with some of the other options having a slightly lower success rate in my experience.