Movies on web not working with NitoTV

When I go to Applications under NitoTV and use firefox, it will not let me play flash movies on the web. I installed the flash or at least I thought I did. What am I doing wrong? It wants me to install quicktime on other screens to view QT movies and I installed that too, Maybe I installed it in the wrong place. I did it under applications. Please help.

ATVflash admins are ignoring this issue. I posted and emailed about it 2 days ago and you will find many other posts about it as well. i am thinking it is time to ask for a refund.

Flash is not enabled by default, and must be manually installed for Flash videos to work.

We have a guide for this at:

I have Flash working inside Firefox just fine, but I’m getting that error about needing Quicktime to be installed, which it already is… any ideas?