movies on a hard drive access

Will my ATV Flash be able to access movies on a hard drive that is plugged into an airport extreme base station.

Will I also have to run itunes to stream movies from the hard drive plugged into the airport extreme back into my ATVFLASH ?

With aTV Flash (black) installed you can stream movies directly from a Airport Extreme base station (with external USB drive attached) without having to use iTunes. In fact, this can be done without a computer running at all.

Full details on setting this up can be found here.

Thanx James !!

What about my itunes library ?? I couldn’t use this same method without running itunes I would think ! but what if  i created my music folders on the same hard drive as the movies… could I stream to apple express from there and what remote to control the music would i use ?

The iTunes files themselves can be accessed, but we don’t yet support reading the actual iTunes library info.