Movies not appearing in "Movies" section but do appear when I search

Hi, Ive been having an issue with the Movies library (I use Plex server).

Sometimes there are films that do not appear in the “Movies” section that I know I have. When I then use the search function, I can find the movie.

It’s a strange bug and I can supply screenshots if needed.


Are the ones not showing parts of collections by chance?

No they are not.

Can you provide a few example names?

In some cases, videos titles that begin with certain articles (EG ‘The’) will appear ordered by the second word. For example ‘The Firm’ would appear with the other ‘F’ items and not ‘T’.

You can also try disabling the ‘Group Movies Into Collections’ feature to see if this affects if they are visible in the Movies list.

Apologies - the movies in question were in a Plex auto collection I didn’t know about

Turning off the collections functions fixed this for me.

This can be closed.


@James — why on earth do you not do the same with titles that begin with the word “A”?

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