Movies missing resolution and runtime

Just noticed that a lot of movies are missing resolution and runtime (despite having on in TMdb)

This comes from the video files themselves. If it doesn’t show that means there was maybe a problem with the file when it did a scan. Try doing edit on one of them and see if it shows up.

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Yes, edit did the trick, thanks!

Just an added note, the resolution and runtime are determined by the actual file that Infuse scans, not by the metadata that TMDB provides. :wink:

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Do you think it will work if i delete all the metadata and scan again? Otherwise i have to edit hundreds of movies manually.

Yes that should work.

Okey so i tried that but it had the opposite effect. Now absolutely no movie has resolution or runtime and edit doesnt fix it.

If you’re in list view you can probably just slowly go down the list with a slight pause on each. That’s what I had to do for the ones that were missing duration and resolution. I didn’t open it or do an edit, just the pause to make Infuse check for info seemed to do the trick for me.

It may take a short while to load it and you may have to go back on a few that didn’t scan from this but for me it worked like a champ.

what device is this on?

Thats how i done it in the past, but its not working now. I have tried list view, pause, open and edit now but nothing works. Its on Ipad Air 2.

Edit: Okey there is something weird going on. I looked at my iPhone and alot of movies had runtime and resolution. The ones that didnt, pause or edit didnt work. I closed the app and opened it again a few minutes later. NO movies have runtime or resolution and you cant get it any way.

Edit 2: I found one solution. If you edit it to inbedded metadata and then back to the real title it works, but thats gonna take forever.

Edit 3: Every movie is still missing runtime/resolution but now it works just doing edit and choosing the already selected title.

What type of device are you streaming from?

Which option are you using to connect (SMB, NFS, etc…)?

I have an Ipad Air 2 and my movies are on google drive.

I tried adding new movies today and they got runtime and resolution automatically.

Ah, got it.

Due to Google Drive API limits, Infuse will not automatically fetch info like codec/runtime in bulk. Instead, these will be fetched individually when viewing the details page for a specific video. However, I would not recommend navigating to a bunch of videos just to fetch the specs, as doing this for a number of titles in a row can lead to temporary bans on Google Drive.

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