Movies & lives concerts in the movie category


Following a problem I reinstalled Infuse, since then my concerts are displayed in the films category, whereas everything is well stored:

Any ideas? Thank you!

Are you viewing in Library or in the Favorite assigned to Concerts?

Are you using Plex?

Thank you for your answer.

I’m not sure I understand, it’s by going to the film favorites that I see the films and concerts, which I also see in the concert favourites.

No, not PLEX.

What device is this on? Apple TV, iPad, iPhone, Mac?


Can you provide a screen cap of what icon you’re seeing for this favorite? ( a home screen pic)

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If these are listed on TMDB, then Infuse is most likely matching them with a title from there and will place them in the movies folder.

If you prefer to avoid this matching for a particular folder, you can tag a folder to use local metadata which will prevent these items from appearing in the Movies or TV Shows category.


I’m on Apple TV K4.

Here it is:

Les affiches sont des fichiers que j’ai ajouté

Ok, thanks

Sorry, I’m not familiar with some of the artists, can you tell me which videos are incorrectly placed in your screen caps?

Hi @NC_Bullseye

No problem :slightly_smiling_face:, the solution of @James is working.

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