Movies lacking on ATV4

I am experiencing a kind of strange problem with Infuse running on my ATV4. I have ripped a handful of my favorite blurays onto my NAS. The files are converted 1:1 to MKV, which means the files are pretty big - approx 30-40 GB each. I have about 10-15 movies, which is running problem free - except for a few of them.
These problematical files are kind of lacking when they are played. It’s not a loading issue, but more small delaying in the picture. It’s kind of “unsmooth” in a way.

One file is particularly problematical, and is doing it all the way through the movie. 1-2 of the other ones are running smoothly when the movie has runners for about 10 minutes. The very strange part is that all of the files are running perfectly when they are played directly from my computers hard drive, before I am transfering them to the NAS. I can even run them smooth when I’m watching the files in Infuse on my iPad.

I have tried to transfer the problematic file to the NAS again, but without any luck. But when I can run it without problems on my iPad, I guess the file itself is not the problem?

Any one…? James perhaps?

It might be worth trying again with 5.3 (which should be generally available this week I think) as it includes a lot of playback improvements (amongst other things).

Many playback improvements are included in today’s 5.3 update.

Give it a try and let us know how it goes. :wink:

It’s playing very smooth on 5.3! Thanks a lot for a great app!!

Great! :smiley: