Movies jumping out of Collections with Emby server

Since I’m currently sticking with connecting Infuse to an Emby server, I noticed tonight that several movies have jumped out of their designated collections. When I go to Emby on my desktop computer, everything looks fine, but when I go to Emby, random movies that should be in a Collection are now removed. Infuse was also working just fine the other day so have no idea what changed. No settings have been changed within Infuse for Collections either…all options are turned on.

Any idea what is going on??

Are you browsing via Infuse’s Library or directly via the Emby share?

Are these items grouped if you navigate to Library > Collections?

Yes, browsing using Infuse library. When browsing through all movies various ones are removed from the collection. If I go to Library > Collections, they are showing correctly

I am noticing this appears to be affecting Collections that are user created within Emby that are not actual collections in TMDB. All collection options are turned on within Infuse. This just started happening the other day and was working fine previously.

@james Figured out what happened. For some reason some of these movies were not scrapped fully by Emby. Evidently, if these movies are in a collection, they don’t stick in the collection within Infuse…even though they are showing correctly in Emby.
Once I re-scrapped / refreshed the metadata in Emby, the movies jumped right back into a collection correctly.

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