Movies information not showing

I have this problem with different movies. I see the information in 1080p that it was the first one added but not in 4K. Already changed the medatada to another movie and switched back but didn’t worked.

What happens when you play the one without info?

Just play as normal. But not sure if it’s a bug or it’s me. Same thing happened like 2-3 weeks ago with another movie (Big Fish).

Right now: I have the issue with Inception & Wonka.

After it plays does it populate the info that was missing?

Nope. Will test in my Apple TV but know I just remembered that it also happened with 2 movies same resolution. It’s not because one was 1080p & the other one 4K.

Let me scan. If I see the same thing in Apple TV then, it’s a bug.

Same “bug” in both devices.

Work around is creating a new folder with the same name & moving the movie to that new folder. Not sure what is happening but I had to do it with 3-4 other movies

Does it keep the info if you move it back out of the folder?

Just curious, how do you have both files named for one of the problem pairs?

Not sure if I’m understanding what you trying to say but the file name is:


Interstellar (2014) 2160p [ENG, SPA] H265 {tmdb-157336157336}.MKV


Interstellar (2014) 1080p [SPA, ENG] H264 {tmdb-157336157336}.MKV

I’m using google drive. So I can have more than 1 folder named as another. I had to create a new folder named as the first one & move the MKV file to the new one to make it work correctly.

Any NFO/XML files?

Can you try using Edit Metadata to reload metadata for that file from TMDB?

I tried to reload metadata without success.

Yes. I did had .nfo in some folders but after deleting, scanning & reloading metadata the problem persists.

I had to create a copy of the mkv file, move it to a new folder & delete old folder with old mkv.

Creating a folder & moving the file didn’t worked. Not sure what was the issue.

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