Movies incorrectly showing as collections

Just got a new iPad so had to reload metadata. I encountered a strange problem with two movies. ‘The Last Picture Show’ and ‘Fifty Shades Of Grey’. I only own one film in the collection associated with each of these movies yet they are showing as collection movies with their collection artwork downloaded (although last picture show collection does not have artwork for it yet so showing as a blank thumbnail). Then when you click the collection artwork it will show the movie (with correct artwork) in a sub folder, in a similar manner to films I actually own the collections for. I have over 4000 films and these are the only two exhibiting this type of behaviour. I have tried removing them from the library and when I reload them, the same problem exists. Any ideas?

Infuse seems to do that, if you have any of the collection it will show the collection info. You can go into setting and turn collections off and the only place they’ll turn up is in the Movie Library under the Collections filter.

Thanks for the reply NC Bullseye. However, I am not 100% sure I am seeing as you describe. I have just looked at my collection and many movies where I only have one title from their collection are showing normally. It is just these two that are exhibiting the different behaviour of being classed as a collection when I do not have the subsequent films in my library.

By chance do you have more than copy of these videos in your Library?

Infuse should only group items into collections if you have 2 or more items from a specific collection, but currently if Infuse sees that you have 2 copies of the same video it will allow those to be included into a Collection.

If you prefer, you can prevent items from being grouped into Collections in the All Movies category by disabling the ‘Collections’ option found in Infuse > Settings > General.

Thanks James. I have triple checked and only have one copy of these movies. I love the collections feature so won’t disconnect it for this issue (it is only a little problem), but it is something that is really Weird?