Movies in multiple Groupings

I’m trying to figure out a way to manage my library to allow multiple categorization. Based on what I know right now (which is not much), I have to commit movies to a single category based on what folder I place it in. So for example, I have all of my Marvel movies in a “Marvel” folder. However, I cannot ALSO have a, let’s say “Robert Downey Jr.” category that includes some of the items in the “Marvel” folder AND any other Robert Downey Jr. movie I have elsewhere in my library.

My first thought would be some sort of tagging mechanism to add custom tags and let the client build categories based on those tags, but I’m having trouble seeing if that concept is even possible.



Last year I suggested tagging too, instead of physical folders/favorites, and the front page of infuse can be a tag-wall with different size/color.

I agree that this would be an intersting feature, and I am hoping Infuse will add this to the upcoming features soon.

There is already an easy way for them to support this — “keywords”
If you look at any title on, you will notice a “Keywords” section right under Genres. If you edit the movie you can add any terms to this, as many as you’d like. So If Infuse begins to support searching by keyterms and supports creating Favorites out of search results, you will be able to create smart custom folders however you’d like.

So in your case, you would go on TMDb to edit every movie you want in each of your custom folders, and add “Marvel” + “Robert Downey Jr.” to each movie. That way you could even keep the files in a general Movies folder and it wouldn’t matter.

It seems too simple for Infuse not to persue, so I have already started adding Keyterms to all my favorite movies just incase!

In general. I think that increasing the amount of criteria you can get results from in the search bar would make browsing with Infuse light years ahead of where it is now…

And giving users the ability to create a Favorite out of any Search would make organizing Infuse much better as well!