Movies going to Other folder

I use Infuse 5 and have my collection of movies stored on a NAS. It seems that some movies are stored infer the OTHER folder and I can’t view them under the library. Also when I select the All Movies Infuse says there’s nothing there move along. Any help that can be offered would be appreciated

Often the reason for videos not appearing in the correct library area is the name of the file.

Can you provide the exact file name of a few of the ones that are showing up in the “Others” folder? If so we can help you figure it out.

As a basic rule of thumb file names should be name of movie, year, and then extention. Example : Name.Of.Movie.2017.MKV

A few of the movies are:
Captain America.mv4
Captain Philips.mv4
Fire starter.title1.mv4
Close encounters of the 3rd kind.mv4
The majority of my movies work correctly and I use the same naming convention with those.
Thank you again

Try changing these to the following:

Captain.America.1990.mv4 (this is assuming you’re not talking about “The Winter Soldier” or “The First Avenger” and the one you have is the 1990 version and not the 1979 version)

Captain.Phillips.2013.mv4 (also assuming your talking about the 2013 version with Tom)

Firestarter.1984.mv4 (note that firestarter shows as one word in the movie database site and I’m not sure what “title1” means. Unless you have the second one “Firestarter.2” You can put the "title 1 after the year if you really want to and it should still work fine. It would look like "Firestarter.1984.Title.1.mv4)

Close.Encounters.of.the.Third.Kind…1977.mv4 (note that 3rd is spelt out not numerated)

I recommend using periods instead of spaces since sometimes spaces can get doubled up and go unnoticed which will also result in no metadata found and those are a pain to find.

Also, for movies always put the year in. With all the remakes and similar titles the year really helps narrow down the metadata.

Note that certain characters like dashes “-” and slashes can sometimes cause hate and discontent with finding metadata so if you have movies or tv shows with them in the title you might want to try replacing them with a period and see if that helps.

Any movie you have issues with just go to and search. They’ll show you what the name and year are for what you have.