Movies from a remote iTune Library (not Sync with ATV)

I’ve searched and read several threads and I can’t find a solution. It may be just a pref to set in iTunes or in aTV. AHooked to my basement iMac, I have a 1 TB drive containing my iTune Library, and I have my aTV in the living room. Is there a way to access the basement Library without having to Sync aTV. In other words, I don’t want the movies to reside on the aTV but only on the basement drive hooked-up to my iMac. Any idea? (BTW Installing aTV Flash went very well, USB and keyboard, mouse, etc. perfect, thanks Applecore! and thanks to everyone in this forum who don’t mind sharing their findings)

Yes, you can setup the Apple TV to stream from that iMac. This can be done through the Settings > Computers menu on the Apple TV.