Hi,I am a User Firecore for more than 8 years, I have AppleTV4 and had no problem before with starting the movies. I install Mojave everything works fine.
But with infuse pro I have some minor problems.

If I look to a movie and stops its halfway and look further a day later, a wheel comes up, and I have to go to the beginning again and look up where I start the evening before
to get it running again.

Also when I start up Infuse Pro, start a film, the wheel shows up, I take out the electric stick and start up, against it works fine.

I reboot AppleTV4,I installed again, I install Infuse Pro again, but things stays unchained.

Also,I am Dutch, in infuse the sign is Movies, but in my Finder it is Films, is it possible that it gives a conflict?

I also change the name Movies to Films in.

On my iPad Pro,I changed also Movies to Film, and this device works excellent.

Please adviseer.Jan,Aruba.