Movies (films) also incorrectly showing TV shows


My server has a folder for Movies and a folder for TV and serves content via Jellyfin

When I view “Films” via the UI (AppleTV) is also includes TV shows as if they were each a movie in their own right.

Looks crap.

Any pointers as to how to correct this?



How do you have the tv shows named?

They’re actually not that consistent, but this shouldn’t be the issue here.

Jellyfin doesn’t combine them, regardless… and they are added as explicit sources “Movies”, “TV Shows” and it separates them accordingly.

This is infuse choosing to combine

I don’t know that infuse honors the separation via folders. It does it by type of video. So if you put a movie in your TV folder, it might still show up in Movies in Infuse and vice versa.

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Just note that consistency makes troubleshooting 1000x easier.