Movies do not show up in Movie section since recent upgrade

I just updated my atvflash from last week. One thing I’ve noticed is that even though my movies still show up in NitoTV (video) and my audio shows up in XMBC and Boxee - I have to move into the Scripts to get to my movie files in XMBC (video works in Boxee but I’m almost thinking they do not look as good - nor do they when I go thru the Scripts section in XMBC but that might just be in my head). Everything in XMBC is otherwise as it was - music plays fine like it did before from the "music’ section.

I thought I was supposed to download ALL the apps that came with the update but I’m pretty sure I downloaded something I should have left alone. I tried uninstalling the iplayer (is that the right name) but it made no change so i reinstalled it as that totally left me without a video player in XMBC.

I did uninstall most everything else except a few of the other apps. Can anyone help me - not life or death just more of a convenience thing.


So is your Movies menu missing? If so, you can re-enable it through the Maintenance > Manage Plugins menu.

No, the movie section is still there…it just had absolutely nothing on that screen other than the title. Not sure what I did but it’s just suddenly started working again…thanks for the response anyways though.