Movies displayed as folders

Hi - When I access the QNAP server of my friend, a lot of movies are displayed in their folders, and a lot are displayed as images which I can access immediately.
I can open the folders alright and watch the movies, but of course I prefer seeing them as images.

As far as I can see, the format of the movie has nothing to do with the way they are displayed: it can be mkv, avi, mp4 or iso-movies.

How can I get rid of the ‘folder display’ and see all movies displayed as images?

Thanks for any help.

Infuse will flatten single movie folders so they appear as playable items. However, if you have other folders or files inside then these will be treated as regular folders.

One way around this is to use the Library option, as it will display artwork at all levels no matter how things are organized.

Thanks, James - the info how to flatten the single movie folders is quite clear and it works.
However, the Library option does not. I have searched the forum and I have learned that the files should be streamed using a SMB connection - which, in this case, I do use; without result.

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