Movies becoming corrupt

This has happend quite a few times now.  This problem started occuring after i updated to the latest version of Firecore on my aTV2.  After a couple of times watching a movie, the movie becomes corrupt and is then unplayable.  I then would restore the movie from a backup and it’s playable again.  


My setup:
I’m using a WD External HD connected via usb to a Gen 5 Time Capsule, to hold all of my media.  Then using Firecore’s Media Player to stream movies.  

The Media Player will be accessing the movie file in Read-Only mode, so I would think that the issue is at the WD end in some way.

Intersting… I wasn’t aware of that.  I just thought it was odd that my computers could play it fine.  But as soon as the Media Player would play it, it would become corrupt.

I can confirm that this happens for me as well. The file became CORRUPT. Plain and simple. This is a big poo-poo. ATv2 with Infuse don’t play well with Apple Time Capsule (the new ac / vertical version).

If I mount the drive back to my mac I get some errors and repair disk (from Disk Utility) will fix the corrupted files. I’m amazed that this behaviour was not seen by fireCore ‘specialists’. I guess lots of people who use aTv may be Apple people and they probably use Airport Extreme or Time Capsule for their network. Reverted to my old Airport(4th gen) just for keeping my files safe … but that’s a shame. Oh… did I say SHAME?

Infuse app looks like a nice try but it’s made by amateurs or people who don’t give a f* on their customers.
The support from their side it’s ZERO and you never hear any feedback if is not related to their, I mean fireCore, pocket.
It’s just a bad business model but let’s not forget how the first version of fireCore came alive … stealing other people work.