Movies are named .jpg in library

I have infuse 5 now on several IOS devices

My problem is is that somehow all files in the library are named .jpg instead of mp4 or avi, so the movies will not play.

I turned on “show filenames” in the settings
If I have a movie on my harddisk like "The Lion King.mp4 the metadata shows all info about the movie nicely, but the filename in Infuse is changed to “The Lion King.jpg” and the movie will not play but generates an error

I turned of Icloud Sync and embedded data, but even after uninstalling the app on all devices, the whole library shows .jpg again after adding the favourites and folders.

Does anybody know how I can have the filenames back again to mp4 or avi again.

What type of device are you streaming from? Are you using UPnP or DLNA by chance?

Hi James

Using it together with a wireless Seagate HDD with Upnp streaming

Just changed to SMB and now all is working again like it should.
Problem solved for me since I do not need Upnp.

Thanks anyway.