Movies and TV shows

Hey Guys,

I use an ATV3 for streaming music from itunes on my PC. This works fine as all my music is in MP3 format. I was looking for a solution for the movie/tv show collection as the files come in a variety of different formats and remembered that I have an old 160gig ATV 1st gen lying about which I could use in addition to my ATV3.

I was thinking about buying a 2TB external drive, using this as my primary storage device for the ATV1 and adding aTV Flash. Will this work and play all file formats and how would I best add all these files on the external drive, would they all go in one folder or would I have to add different folders to the drive for movies and for TV shows for example?

Also, is there a maximum external drive size that the APV1 will recognise?

Cheers, David