Movies and Tv episodes disappeared and artwork on favorites

I have two Apple TV 4’s with Infuse Pro 5.2.1 and one always plays fine with no issues. My other one is acting very weird with Infuse on it. I noticed that something was different when I went to Infuse app and as its on the top shelf and no covers (recently added movies) was showing up which was odd. There was no covers at all just said Infuse. I then went into the app and noticed no movies or TV shows was on it like nothing was pulling from my storage. I than went to library in settings and it was saying zero for movies and tv shows. While in library it started searching for metadata and all movies and tv shows came back. I than had to redo my artwork on my favorites. All was back together at this point. Next day it was right back to being no movies and tv shows and all artwork on favorites was gone again and the favorites that I hide was all there as well.

My other Apple TV 4 on same version as of right now has no issues. Should I delete Infuse on this and start from scratch? It’s never done this before as this is the first time I have seen this.

Have you tried just restarting the ATV that’s having the problem?

Yes, I tried restarting first before setting every back up and the next day it was right back to showing no movies and images removed off favorites. Checked my other one and all was fine and movies was playable off same using SMB for both. Only thing different that started recently is my son started playing real racing 3 on this apple tv with the issue. On the game they have an option to save your data to the cloud and to the Apple TV. He saved to both. Not saying this is the cause but could be something to look to as I don’t know how this game data alter the storage of the Apple TV. I believe thats the only change that has happened recently but as I said don’t know if it could cause anything just throwing it out there.

When I play several games and save a lot to the Apple TV, I have lost all Metadata several times. All in the way how Apple TV auto manages space. It’s awful as a library rebuild takes me about 3 hours easy, sometimes more.

Okay, then yes, I’m not going crazy… Thank you lol. My library takes a while as well to bring back everything that’s why when this happened (twice) I wanted to add it to this forum to maybe see if anyone ran into this themselves. Before adding this game I never had issues.