Movie Wall Cover Quantity Options

I note that the latest version of Infuse allows for a movie wall with 7 x 3 (well two and a half) movie covers visible at any one time. This isn’t really enough on a large format display, and most dedicated media players allow a continous/gapless media wall (e…g with 12 x 5 covers)

Is there an option somewhere to create a slicker more continuous movie wall such as this:

if not, can this be added to future releases to allow more customisation of the movie wall for larger displays such as projectors, where 7 x 3 covers isn’t really adequate?

In addition it would also be useful if Infuse could add a label to the movie cover art to indicate whether the title is SD, HD, UHD or 3D, so the movie format can be identified from the movie wall view, in a similar way to the Kaleidescape system, see here:

This is particularly useful for those of us with multiple copies of the same movie (e.g. 3D, HD and UHD)

Thanks. B.

I would support both suggestions. AFAIK there are no options to change the grid for the covers.
Same situation here: I have five ATVs in place, 4 ATV3 and 1 ATV 4K, for the Apple universe I have mp4 and m4v which are playable for ATVs and MKVs with multiple languages, etc. for Plex, Infuse… Different versions for a movie, as long as only the format differs, are in the same movie directory. DCs, SSE, etc. are in different root directories.
Movies\Movie 1
… Movie1.m4v
… Movie1.mkv
… Movie1 SD.mkv
… Movie 1 3D.mkv