Movie Volume Control

Hello, I just have a quick question.
I want to buy an Apple TV instead of a mac mini,
but I have a concern about it…

I read that you cannot control the volume with the remote
while watching a movie in the front row player…
You have to control the volume on the sound device itself.

My question: Is this differnt with aTV Flash? Or are there another ways?
Thank you very much :slight_smile:


If you are playing movies through XBMC, you can adjust the volume using the up and down on the apple remote, but if you are playing through the default Movies section then you would need to adjust the volume on whatever you are playing sound through (surround receiver or TV)

Oh… that is to bad… because I need to use the sources, to connect to another iTunes library in my network.
Does this work fine with th eother players?

If you use nitoTV the volume cane be controlled using the Apple remote.