Movie / TV Shows folder missing (not updating etc)

Tried looking for a similar problem in previous postings but cannot find anything.

I have about over four thousand movies and over six thousand episodes on my Qnap 16TB server. For the most part, infuse does a great job, however it can take a while for the list to appear on the apple tv, however on the ipad or iphone, its quite quick.

(APPLE TV 4th generation, latest update INFUSE 5.6)
The problem that I have been getting lately, is that I would be getting tv show folders missing when i go in ‘TV SHOWS’, for example, ‘SHAMELESS (US)’, ‘SEA OAK’, ‘THE SIMPSONS’ folder would be missing, but when i go into TV Shows Library, it would show up in there without any problems. Minus the most recent episode.

What makes this strange is that, why is the folder missing, and doesn’t bring up the latest episode even if you access it through the folder view instead of the library.

It’s possible Infuse may still be scanning your library. With that many files, it can definitely take a bit of time.

On Apple TV and iOS you can check the scanning progress via Settings > Library to see where things are at.

the strangest thing is that both the ipad and the atv were doing it at the same time… if i use the ipad, to drill down to the tv show folder, it will show the latest episode that was just uploaded. While using the atv app, the folder will disappear from the list, and the only way to access it, would be through the library feature, which will have all the episodes for the said tv show minus the most recent.

The biggest problem is, why did the folder disappear from the list? I ended up having to airplay from ipad to atv.

Not sure if this related, but here goes:
On the home screen there used to be a few color “folders” and all of a sudden the only ones left are “library”, “my mac”.
Where the the “tv shows”, “movies” and “other” go to and how do I get them back?