Movie/TV Identification Bug

Shows and movies that contain multiple periods in the folder/file name never get ID’d or get ID’d incorrectly. The suggestions list when trying to manually edit the metadata is nowhere close to the actual show or movies. This also caused several movies to ID incorrectly when I had to scan my library in due to a database crash in Infuse about a month ago. Having to re-import my entire library made this issue stick out like a sore thumb.

A few examples of this of the top of my head are:
I.T. (2016)
A.C.O.D. (2013)

I’m using Samba shares from a NAS device and importing my library in a folder/file format both of which would be named the same minus the extension.
P.S. I am NOT using Plex shares


For the “L.A.s.Finest.S01E01.Pilot.720p.HDTV.DD5.1.x264” you can use “LAs.Finest.S01E01.Pilot.720p.HDTV.DD5.1.x264” get rid of the periods between L and A and S

For The “I.T. (2016)” use “IT.2016” get rid of the period between I and T and the space between the colon, the colon itself and the closing colon.

For “A.C.O.D. (2013)” use “ACOD.2013” get rid of the periods between each letter leaving the one after the D and get rid of the space and colon between the period and 2013 and the end colon.

Infuse sees periods as spaces so you have a name with multiple spaces in it and that will often throw off the metadata fetch.

I tried all three of the above recommendations and they all worked well.

Absolutely and this is what I continue to do as I run into these issues. The odd thing is when I initially bought Infuse PRO, these titles were imported correctly so I assumed it was a bug. I’m not sure what changed between now and then but there must be a more elegant way to handle files like these, especially when exact naming compared to the actual show/movie title is used such as A.C.O.D. (2013)

That is the PROPER and actual name of the movie. I understand why periods are seen as spaces in filenames but there has to be a more elegant solution on your side for this. Just as an example, MrMC on TVOS id’s the filenames in question and without firing up my ShieldTV and KODI, I can only assume KODI id’s files like these without issue as well and put on top of that these files used to id correctly on previous versions of Infuse.

We’re planning to improve handling of movies/shows like these, but in the meantime you can use the Edit option in Infuse to search for the correct name manually. This only needs to be done on a single episode for each series, and that change will automatically apply to all episodes.

Additionally, in Infuse 6, the manual selection will be synced to iCloud and will be available on all other devices.

Thanks for the response James and I look forward to these improvements. Keep up the great work!