Movie transfer question

Ok I am new to this but I have an external hard drive setup as my primary hard drive for my apple tv. My question is, I want to connect the external hard drive to my mac and transfer all my movies over instead of syncing them thru itunes which seems to take a long time, (1 hr) per movie. I have connected the external drive to my mac but I am not sure what folder I need to transfer them too? All of my movies are in the .m4v format and would like to access them from My Movies tab. Any help would be great!!


Unfortunately your only option for transferring iTunes files to the AppleTV is to sync them through iTunes. This is done much faster through a wired ethernet connection. It may be worth using a wired connection at least for the initial iTunes sync, afterwards subsequent syncs can be done relatively quickly via wifi.

Thank you for the quick replay. Atvflash has been the best and easiest program for my apple tv, by miles. I am very happy :smiley:

Thanks for the tip on transfering movies across the ethernet instead of wireless. I was able to transfer a movie within minutes compared to an hour over the wireless network.