Movie structure for media player


I found documentation for TV folder structure but I am having a weird issue with my movies. Most of my movies show up as folders that I have to first click on, then find the movie file (avi,m4v,mp4,mkv) and select it, then press play. Other movies will play directly from the movie list. I am trying to find a common feature between the different folders but have not been able to identify anything specific yet.

All of my movies are stored in folders with the same name and all of them have an xml info file along with a folder.jpg and some have various other metadata files. At first I thought it was a file format issue because most of the movies that play from the movie list are mp4 while alot of my other movies are avi. But this turned out not to be consistent.

Can someone please tell me what the recommended structure and included files should be to get movies to play directly from the movie list rather than have the files show up as folders and require me to select the movie file manually.

I think if you have additional files/directories in a movie folder that Media Player is not expecting then it doesn’t promote a folder containing a movie to a movie, but instead leaves it as a directory.

Is there any documentation of what would be unexpected? I tried to structure my folders so that XBMC can read them and has as much information as possible. If it is a matter of just removing one or two files from the folder I am OK with that, but I’d like to keep the folder as complete as possible for when I use XBMC.

We need to setup an official guide for this, but essentially if you have a folder with a single video (with or without additional covert art, subtitles, metadata, etc…) Media Player will recognize this as a playable file.

If you were to add an additional video file to this folder, it would then be recognized as a folder again.

I also found that if I have any additional folders (extra fanart) the folder does not show as a single playable file. I was limited to 2 pictures as well. At least with the few folders I tried, as soon as I had 1 movie file and 3 pictures, the folder shows up as a folder rather than a movie file.

Anyone else trying to get this to work, make sure you have 1 movie, no more than 2 pictures (fanart and poster is what I left), and additional supporting XML files are fine.


How can I manually add a fanart? How should I name it?

Follow this guide