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Hello, good afternoon.

I recently bought the FullUHD of a movie that I liked, I have ripped it to be able to make a lighter version and save it on the hard drive. This movie is a foreign edition (they have only released this edition in 4K) and I have mounted the Spanish audio to the .mkv.

The 4K movie has 40 seconds more opening credits than the 1080p Blu-ray version, with mkvtoolnix I added the Spanish audio and added a 40000ms delay. Once the assembly is finished, I check with the MPC player and it is perfectly synchronized and so far everything is fine, the problem is that I play the movie on the AppleTV and the movie starts from the synchronization and I lose those 40 seconds of credits, even if I manually go back to time 00:00:00 the movie always jumps to time 00:00:40.

Excuse me if I have not explained myself well, I am Spanish and I may have translated it wrong.
Thanks in advance and greetings.

Would you be able to upload a sample video we can review here?

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Hello, good evening. Sorry I didn’t answer you sooner, I managed to fix it and I forgot to say it.

The solution I found was to add the delay with the audio encoder UsEac3To and for this I used the command:

%_.dts 40000ms

The first command refers to the destination codec (in this case I keep the original codec, but if we change it we can do a conversion) and the second injects a silence of 40000ms (in this case I wanted to add 40 seconds but if we put -40000ms It’s supposed to clip them, I’m not sure, with negative delay I haven’t tried).

I no longer have the original files to send them to you but it happened to me with all the movies that had an audio lag, which were all those in which mediainfo indicated Delay relative to video: 40000ms (40000ms or any more, I say it as an example).

I’ve gotten tired of doing tests and the only solution I’ve found has been this, I’m saying it in case it helps someone else.

Thank you very much @James anyway, regards.

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