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Just bought a new ATV 4K and decided to give Infuse a go. I have a large, meticulously built Plex library with folders for each title and subfolders when I’ve ripped the deleted scenes, making of, etc… Infuse sorts the movies with sub folders first and all movies that don’t have extras fall in line alphabetically after. I’ve begun adding art for the folders but would like to be able to alphabetically sort them all regardless of sub folder content or not. Is this possible?


P.S. - the Infuse player really shines! I’m ripping full Blu MKV’s to put in another directory just for viewing on Infuse.

I think I’ve answered my own question. Rather than adding a Movies favorite shortcut on the menu, I need to use the Library view - All Movies. From there if I go through and select the bonus content that Infuse has put into the library I can manually select -use local metadata. When I go back into All Movies view the file no longer appears. I believe at that point Infuse no longer tags it as a movie and it won’t reappear as long as I don’t lose/clear all metadata.

Glad you are back on track! :slight_smile:

The Library is a great way to browse items as it provides a much more consistent feel. However, one thing we are hoping to look at in the future is better support for things like extras, special features, and deleted scenes (if present).


That would be icing on the cake. I can live without that for now. The tradeoff for full audio and video options is negligible. I do want to make sure I understand backing up and restoring metadata should something occur. Have a quick link?

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Sure! Most of this is done automatically for you, and a bit more info on how this works can be found here.

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So based on MiniMedia’s previous reply (#2), does this mean that Infuse’s Library View automatically classifies all of a folder’s sub-content as OTHER whenever that folder (or favorite) is manually set to “Use Local Metadata”…?

In other words, does Library View require Metadata Fetching to be on for any files you want to end up under the MOVIES or TV SHOWS categories?

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