Movie/Shows are not working via infuse or plex

Hi… I am unable to add hulu movies/shows on plex media server. I read qnap tutorial on how to stream media via plex it suggested me to add the titles and then it can be streamed but it didn’t work for me like that. I usually get my list of movies,shows etc from screenbinge and they also didn’t write anything about qnap or general NAS system used for streaming content. I am using a commercial vpn with my router. On my PC, Android TV, and iPhone all the apps are working its just plex which I can’t understand whats wrong with it.


It’s clearly something with the app since it works with Infuse 5, via Safari on my MacBook and iPhone. Not a single buffering. It’s just movies somehow… I would love to fix that… It’s not useable at this point.

Any help would be really appreciated.