Movie "sets" ordered by release date

I fell in love with infuse because it’s the only iOS media player that offers “media center” features like XBMC.  One of the great features of XBMC is that it will catagorize movies into “sets.”  For example, I have a folder on my file server that contains the James Bond collection of films (infuse screenshot:, it would be great if infuse could detect that collection as a set, and order the films by release date rather than alphabetically.  In a world where sequels aren’t numbered anymore - they’re all “Franchise Name: Sequel Name” - listing film collections by release year would really take the guesswork out of watch-order.  Again, thanks for the awesome app!

Thanks for the idea.

This is something we’re planning to add down the road, and will likely be available once we port the library view feature from the Apple TV side.