Movie Sets/Collections for trilogiens etc...

I want to organize my “trilogies” so that they are showed as one movie in the movie grid. As you select the movie set (Harry Potter for instance) all the individual movies are listed in a grid, compare with TV shows.

I would like to predefine the order how these movies are display.

So there need to be some naming convention so this can be recognized.

The folder containing the movies of the “Trilogy”, it will be named Harry Potter in the grid with a poster from that folder
MovieSet-Harry Potter

Then each movie are listed in a sub folder, named with a prefix to set its order.
(No prefix will be placed in the end sort by year).
Set1-Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone
-Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone.2001.mkv
-Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s
Set2-Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets
-Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets.2002.avi
-Harry Potter and the Chamber of

This us something I used to have along time ago at my Popcorn hour and YAMJ, and have missed ever since…