Movie(s) missing in Plex share

I have 7.7.1 running and I just recreated my Plex share because of a couple of problems: sometimes the top shelf gets truncated, and I realized at least one movie is missing from Infuse movie collection. “Double Indemnity” is just missing from the “movies”.

It was missing before and after I recreated the Plex share. BUT, if I search for it, Infuse finds it without issue.

I created a diagnostic, if it helps: DWN40. Also see attached photos.

I don’t see why this is missing, and not sure if others are yet. Why would this happen?


EDIT: should note this is in library mode.

I took a few and pages through my Plex web view of movies library and the Infuse listing, and there’s many more than one missing. Why would Infuse be arbitrarily leaving movies out from Plex?

I have found that if I turn off the “Group Movies Into Collections” option, the movies appear. But if I turn the option back on, the movies disappear from the movies list. Why does this option work that way?

If you want all of your movies that are part of collections to show as collections everywhere in the library then you turn this option on.

If you want to see all of your movies individually except when viewing the Library Movie Collections then turn this option off.

Some people want their movies always shown as part of the collections. Not my cup of tea but some like that.

OK, thanks for that. Still not understanding how Infuse decides what to show for that. Looking through the movies favorite, I see movies from my Movies Plex library that are single titles and not in collections that have a poster, and movies from same place, single titles, not in a Plex collection that do not appear. It seems random which will disappear when that option is enabled.

With it off, I do get the missing movie, and the Plex collections and Blu-ray/HDR collections seems to work, so I guess I’ll stay with that.

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I don’t run plex but is it possible that you’ve got the Infuse Library enabled and not the direct mode? If so that may pull collections from TMDB. Just a guess.

Yes, not using direct mode yet until some needed features are implemented. I’ve disabled the group collections for TV and movies and the TMDB collections now. I understood that TMDB collections don’t work with Plex shares.

If you are browsing in the Infuse library and have the group xxx into collections option enabled, you would see collections in place of individual items.

Collections are not yet available when browsing Plex shares directly.

OK, but that doesn’t explain why some movies not in collections show in the movie favorites view, and some don’t. From what you say, it sounds like I’d only see collections, but I don’t - I see some not in collections, and don’t see some not in collections.