Movie posters not displaying correctly - Apple TV 4K

Hi guys, for the last few weeks, maybe several months, I have noticed that some of the movies/ TV shows in my library do not display any movie poster. However, using the plex app shows everyhting working normally. I have tried ot re-install the app and reboot Apple TV 4K but the issue persists. It only affects a few titles and is quite random.

Running latest tvOS software (stable release, not beta) and running latest stable release of infuse. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Issue does not affect other devices such as iPhone/ Mac (they are displaying all movie/ TV posters perfectly).

Is this running off a Plex share?

Don’t know if this works with Plex shares, but it seems to work for me in vanilla Infuse:
If isolated titles you can try toggling “use local metadata / use online metadata” on containing folder to dump the metadata and get Infuse to re-download it.
If more widespread try running an “update metadata”.
Sometimes its enough just to navigate via the files browser to a video inside and view the details page to prompt Infuse to fill in missing art. :man_shrugging:t2:

Yes, it is. Tried to remove and reconnect to the share but still the same issue.

I have had the same issue for a while now. No idea what causes it but I generally edit the artwork in question via the Plex web interface and choose a different poster and it tends to fix the issue.

Anyone found a solution to this?

First, nothing is ever truly random. There are only issues where the commonality hasn’t yet been determined.

I’ll assume, though you didn’t say, that you tried everything I previously suggested and none of those worked.

I now throw the issue back to you: please post the full directory structure of the files in question (and neighboring files that work properly) and details of how your Plex share is setup, how you Infuse share and Library folders are configured, and how you are navigating to the files via Infuse.

Further, are these titles missing posters in the Infuse Files Browser, or its Library Views, or both?

Do you control the Plex Share?
Does the share store poster images locally with the files?