Movie overview, movie splitup

Hey everyone

I dont know if this is a firecore problem or a apple tv problem.

Im in process of trasfering all my dvd’s to my Synology NAS, so I can watch 'em via apple tv2 with firecore on my tv.

Now, im the kind of guy who very much like “behind the scenes” stuff, so I got alot of folder containing that, but not all movies got it, so some of em is just cover.jpg and WhatEverMovie.mkv.

Now I’ve found out that when I see the coverart on apple tv2, it splits up the movies, whether it contains one or more .mkv’s. First all the ones with more .mkv’s A-Z, and there after the ones with only the movie in A-Z.

Is there anyway to come around this problem?

Hope it makes sense.

Thanks in advance


I think this is a by-product of the new Media Player feature where folders contains a single file are treated as if the folder is the file. This is at the request of all those who file a movie inside a folder for the film and want to be able to play the movie without having to open the folder.

Unless FireCore make this configurable at the individual folder level the only thing that occurs to me for you to do is to add a small dummy file to each affected folder.

A dummy file is ok with me, what kind of file could that be. It would be great if that dummy file could not be seen in the apple tv interface.

Thanks for your reply


I have tried with different kind of files. Dummy movie file shows up in the interface, wich I dont want it to.

Any ideas?