Movie not found by infuse

…although it is on TVDB and TMDB (don’t know which is now the main source with Infuse):

Bug or feature? :wink:

First, it’s a TV mini series not a movie so that may be the reason.

How do you have the files named? You should have 2 episodes for this.

…it is not a mini-series - all movies are apart (I have 4 other movies in Infus like that without problems, see attachment).

The link you provide on TMDB which is what Infuse uses is a mini series.

For the others, the link seems valid - why not with this one?

Couldn’t really tell. But the funny part is that even on TVDB where it shows as a movie, it give a link to the IMDB page and there it also shows as a 2 part mini series.

You could create your own metadata and artwork for that file and then it could be displayed as a movie.

If you have just a single file for this title one option is to name it like this.

Die Lebenden und die Toten (2017) S01E01.mkv

This will allow Infuse will to fetch the correct metadata and artwork.

Hi James, this did the trick, thanks, but still this is not a miniseries but a single TV-movie. I guess TMDB is not that accurate…

Well, the IMDB also says it’s a mini series. Often TMDB is more accurate (to a fault sometimes) than TVDB.

Glad you found a usable solution. :wink:

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