Movie not appearing correctly

One of my movies, The Bourne Identity (1988) ends up in OTHER if I put the 1988 on the end or it gets listed in error as the 2002 remake if I omit the year.

Here’s how I type it

The Bourne Identity (1988).mp4 {ends up in OTHER}
The Bourne Identity.mp4 {tagged with 2002 remake metadata}

If I search the movie database for the 1988 version I see it and it is correct…but if I link to it…I get the 2002 remake

bourne identity (1988) — The Movie Database (TMDb) (links to remake)
bourne identity 1988 — The Movie Database (TMDb) (links to correct one (no parenthesis on 1988)

The problem is that the 1988 version isn’t a movie, it’s a TV mini series originally aired as a 2 part mini-series and is located on thetvdb here The Bourne Identity -

Infuse pulls data for TV shows from thetvdb and for movies it’s themoviedb and since this was a tv show it has to come from thetvdb. This is the same issue as the original Stephen King movie IT. The original was a TV mini-series and themoviedb doesn’t maintain both even if the mini-series was later released as a movie on DVD.

You’ll have to do one of two things, either name the file as “The Bourne Identity S01E01.mkv” and that should pull the data for the first episode. Your other choice is to create an xml metadata file and gather the artwork for it and do the metadata local as described here Metadata 101 – Firecore

Edit to add a third option, you could split the file into 2 parts and label each as S01E01 and S01E02 and that would pull theTVDB info for each episode.

There is also a TV series …but that’s not what I have…I have the film…here’s another link

UPDATE…no you are right…it is a TV movie.
I’ll be darn

Yup, it can be a bit frustrating! I finally gave up and split my copy of Stephen Kings IT into the parts that matched the mini-series and used the S01E01 file names. Taht was the easiest for me.

I tried the local metadata…but I only got the JPG — nothing from the xml file.

Funny - I have another TV Movie…Perry Mason Returns…and it is showing as a movie.

I put the movie in a folder of the same name and added the jpg for the poster and the XML data file. The movie moved from “Other” to the “Bourne Collection” of the remakes. But although it had the correct poster…the metadata was all from the remake and not the data I put in the XML file.

So I tried a couple of things…I edited the metadata and there were no options for the 1988 version of “The Bourne Identity” listed. I saw there were two options to the right for using local metadata and something else…I tried both and one of them plopped everything back in the “other folder”. The other one returned me to the “Bourne Collection” but still with the wrong metadata. I guess I can live with that…I must be doing something wrong with the metadata file

If it’s not picking up your custom XML file you might want to check the file name for typos. Even an additional space or other difference will make it not work.

I found that out the hard way. :wink: Now I just do a copy and paste with the movie name and paste it on the XML file.

Also make sure your xml file isn’t corrupted and follows the example from the metadata 101 page above. I only use TextEdit to work on the .xml files and it seems to not mess them up like some other editors.