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What source is currently used for metadata fetching?  Allthough it is working well, I have a lot of movie posters in a foreign language e.g… The Green Zone, The Sorceror’s Apprentice.  I thought it used to use the moviedb as these posters are usually correct and can easily be altered by users.

We are still using for movie metadata, however we have seen a few issues like the one you are describing.

Can you try reloading metadata for the affected files (highlight file, hold select and choose the Reload Metadata option) to see if this cures the issue?

I tried reloading with no change but I have found the source of the problem. The image displayed is always the one with the highest voting score REGARDLESS of the language. It does not seem to take language into account when scraping for the image.

Thanks for following up.

So with regard to ‘The Green Zone’ which poster are you seeing?


We’ll see if we can get that fixed.

The 1st of the Portugese posters. It did have the highest vote but I see it is now showing lower because I gave it a low vote myself but it may take some time before it will change when refreshing the metadata.

A better example as I haven’t voted on it is ‘Rise of the Planet of the Apes’ which is showing the 1st German poster (has a single vote of 10)

The same goes for ‘Red Planet’ which shows the French poster which has the highest overall vote.

Many thanks

By the way I must add that the newest update makes the Grid view ultra fast and is now awesome!

Great! :)

On a different note, I name all my movie files as:

Name (Year).avi

I have the occasional problem such as:
Beethoven’s 2nd (1993).avi
No metadata is found but if I delete the year and show it as
Beethoven’s 2nd.avi
Then the metadata is found even though the year is correct on TMDb. I have 4 or 5 similar cases where deleting the year is necessary. Any ideas?

Hello @ all !

On my movies several movies ore tv-shows were not recognized. Even if I try it with XBMC or the media player. It would be cool if I could save the metadata in  a format for “all” players, like XBMC or the media player.  Now I try another way … I found a software called “EMBER MEDIA MANAGER”. You can find or edit everything you want - and the user can select posters or fanart pictures which you want and the info will be stored in the directory. My only problem is - the ember media manager store all data in a *.NFO file. the media player (as far as I know) recognise only XML files. - So my question is now - does anyone know a software where I can generate the metadata like the Ember Media Manager or  a way to convert NFO too XML files (they look a little bit different). OR is there a tool to generate XML metadata files which I didn’t found ??? Maybe someone can help,

Thank you
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I use EMM also and I just rename the NFO file to .XML. I noticed the media player does not display it the same. I am having problems with TV shows. Does not show season folder art or the main folder art=All seasons and al the other jpg files show up. Its kind of a mess. I will have to play around with the EMM settings to see if there is a common setting that works foer both XBMC and Media Player.

Hello draxlea and gwire,


i have exact the same problem. Any news about create metadata.xml files from EMM?



Yes, you can do it by renaming each nfo file that emm creates to xml. If you have alot of movies with all sorts of jpeg images and extra fan art folders it can be messy. I found that there is one of 2 things you can do. 1. Set emm to scrape Folder.jpg only. Media player will pick-up Folder.jpg in the main folder for covers. If you rescrape the movies in emm this will clean up the folders(you have to select clean folders in settings). Delete all extrafanart folders if you have to. Once this is done I find that everything shows correctly in xbmc and Media player seem to get the correct cover and meta data. Now media player seems to be scraping but i dont know if it is local or from themoviedb, but once it is scraped in emm, like I said it seems to scrape corrrectly. 2. Clean your movie and TV folders by rescraping like mentioned above with emm and set to Folder.jpg only for covers. If you select fanart like me, I can deal with the extra File showing up in media player, its up to you. But then you will not get the Fanart in XBMC. Then rename all the NFO file extensions to XML. Very time consuming.

Now I find if you Just have the movies “named correctly!” with no folder or anything, Media player automatically does this for you. You click on the Movie and the fanart, meta data, and covers show up automatically. I like the native ATV look with the recently watched on the bottom.

What I dont like is:

1: If you use EMM to scrape into folders to keep everything clean. When I click on the movie instead of showing meta data and and recently watched and play button, it brings you into another folder where it shows the movie again, the fanart file for XBMC and the trailer file. I then have to click on the movie again to get the meta data and play button.

2: If you have trailers I think there should be a preview buttton. Media player should pickup (moviename)-trailer.flv or .mp4 and make it a preview button just like apple trailers.

3: It should pickup local fanart.

Over all I think it should read the main folder as the actual movie and show watched status and when you click on the movie it should go directly to Meta data and display a prview button for local trailers. A good search criteria would be excellent too.

Then it would be perfect.

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Can you pls make some similarly solutions like Plex so user can chose wish Agent to use for metadata incl. Posters. I prefer posters from MoviePosterDB and rest of metadata from IMDb and this could be done with Plex.

Sorry to complain, but I am beginning to be very upset because of ATV Flash. It was a “long journey” to come to the conclusion: maybe it was just wasting the time of trying to get there, what ATV Flash advertised. 

  1. It was a kind of tricky process to jailbreak, where I have to say the video tutorial and the Step by step tutorial as wel was confusing enough to waste hours to finally being successfull with jailbreaking. (I have read enough confused post regarding this to say it, so it is not just me) 

  2. Attaching a network shared folder was not simple either, where the tutorial forgets to mention: in case with “” you get error message try"/". Forunatelly I found the soultion myself and later  found some posts as well in the forum after digging deep enough mentioning it, but I still can’t see why it was not made clear at the first place.

  3. Metadata and Cover. I mean it seams to be really the weakpoint of ATV Flash after trying to find soultions to the issues with it  and just gave it up seing how endless seems to be the amount of posts regarding this subject, and how much of those exists which are not answered at all.

After messing with realoading metadata within ATV Flash software, I decided to go manual and create those xml files and get cover manually.

It did not go at first, but finally I could manage to make it ok (after removing my whole movie folder and add a only a small section to get faster results), and then as a final blow I could not find my movie in the movie section only in the other section.

And as I said before there are plenty of unanswered posts regarding to this problem, and it is annoying enough to come to the conclusion, I wish I had stick with my Popcorn V8, where I never get the chance of having a fancy cover style setup, but I see my folders and movie titles the way I want to, and did not had to waste days of my life trying to get something, which is not there at all. If I could I would get my money back of my ATV Flash fee.

No offense intended, But ATV Flash is very staight foward and media player is the easiest and most stable media manager to use if you want covers and meta data and not have the overhead of managing your own meta data. Such as using emm as mentioned in this thread.

Seems to me you just lack the experience. First of all if you are going to hack anything, you are going to need patience. If you have no experience or prior training in networking, sharing, Manual IP address’s or DHCP and other protocal’s you are going to have problems connecting to shares or devices. If you have no experience with jailbreaking you definately need patients. Overall once you get over the learning curve its as simple as 123.

For example .Today I installed a new computer with the proper networking set up. (1) Shared a folder with just movie files in it (Less than 1 minute). (You must make sure the movies are named properly). Pluged in an old ATV, named it and set up networking. (2) Installed ATV Flash (less than 5 minutes). (3) launched media player and connected to my shared folder and voila!

Go into my files add to favorite and click on a movie and Media Player will do all of the work for you. all the meta data is there, rating, plot info As long as the networking is set up correctly there should be no problem in the process. it is kind of slow when there is alot of movies. But I cant complain because it is much more time consuming managing your own meta data. You should try XBMC, it is much better but it is very glichy lately I bounce back and forth between both.

Yes you can just simply connect to a shared movie folder and play movies, I can do that with my samsung blu ray player. If you want it to look nice and have all sorts of features My first choice is XBMC for eye candy and features and second Media Player for stability, quick and easy with some eye candy.

There is always a learning curve when trying somthing different. Practice makes perfect. All i can say is that I have 5 ATV’s and when I drop a movie file in my shared folder with the proper naming,  I can go to any ATV and voila! The movie is there ready to play with cover, background image, and meta data.


Thanks for your positive approach for my case. I agree with the most of it, especially that you need a learning curve for something new. Actually I am new at jailbreaking, but not that rookie for the other part, like networking ,media players, etc.

I think I only miss the last part at the moment, which is the preparation of my files, like proper naming and mostly getting the metadata right. If I understood correctly ATV Flash rather reads metadata than the file name itself, so I tried to focus on that. I am a Mac user and I had a hard time trying to find something that can change metadata. I tried to install EMM with Crossover (which I use for Windows softwares) but finally it did not work. I was not successfull with Filebot either. Than I tried the web based Plex to change metadata and it seemed ok, but ATV Flash did not read that data at all. Finally I decided to write my own .xml files as described in the tutorial and I could manage to get it, but then it was on the “other” section and I could not find a solution (not even in the forums here) how to change it to “movies”.

So I stuck here, I don’t want to split my library in two like one for Movies and one for Other it is just not the way it should be.

Anyway you are right, one should be patient with these kind of long processes, I jsut got upset, because I thought I am so close to the finish.:slight_smile:



We look a few different things (embedded metdata as well as actual file names) to try and locate the best metadata for your files. A few tips that may help get things named correctly (and correcting any bad metadata) can be found here.

Additionally, if you’re having trouble with TV Shows in particular, you may check to ensure the content type is set correctly for any folder(s) that contain TV Shows. More info on this here.

Thanks for your reply. My mistake, I have forget to mention, I do not have an issue with TV Shows, but I do have problem with normal movies. What I do not understand is, that it occurs even if after creating .xml files manually, where the first line says: “media type: Movie” goes however in the “Other” section.

Unfortunately, adding an XML won’t affect where the files appear, at least in the current version.

Was there a specific title you were having trouble getting recognized using the automatic method?