Movie Metadata not found

I added a bunch of new movies to my NAS yesterday, but none of them are getting annotated with metadata. Holding the center button to force a metadata refresh also did nothing, so I cleared, made sure I had the latest mediaplayer plugin.

The result is that I now have almost zero metada on my library… E.g. out if the 102 movies in my recent additions folder, only 12 were recognized after I cleared my metadata :frowning:

Nothing has changed on my side; I am running aTV (black) Flash 2.2 and Media Player 2.2-417. My serial is C07FMCPQDDR5 and I have just submitted my diagmostic info. I keep each movie file (sometimes along with any subtitle files and custom cover art) in a folder named according to the IMDB entry. Usually, I leave the filename of the movie intact so I know what rip it is. This has worked almost flawlessly for me until last week…

Please help.

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Furthermore, when trying to manually reload the metadata for a movie, I am never presented with a list of matched movies.

There has been a change on web site from which the Film metadata is obtained which means that there are problems looking up Movies which have the year in the file name.

FireCore have stated that they are working on an update to resolve this issue.

Thanks. Good to hear. I hope the FC backend will continue to use the year to pick the best match and not simply strip it from the search query.

Do you have a link to this issue?

James posted a response to this issue here …